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The number of poultry was 27559 thousand (9488,0 thousand for poultry factories) in the country in 2015. It increased by 4,5% (18,7% for poultry factories) compared to 2014. As a result, poultry meat and egg production increased by 0,1 and 0,6% accordingly. Poultry meat and egg production decreased 0,7 and 10% accordingly in poultry factories in 2015 compared to 2014.

However, the number of poultry, poultry meat and egg production increased by 51, 113,1 and 77,5% accordingly in the country in 2015 compared to 2005.

Further development of poultry is given attention in the country. Lately, concession loan of 98 million manat has been given for establishment of 5 breeding, 1 marketable and 9 broiler factories and expansion of production capacity of 39 poultry farm which have capacity of 55 thousand ton poultry meat and 248,5 million egg per year. There is 48 poultry factories in the country. 57,8 thousand ton (58,1%) from 99,5 thousand ton of poultry meat and 633,0 mln (40,8%) from 1552,9 mln of eggs was produced industrially.      Currently, material-technical base of poultry enables to produce poultry meat, eggs and breeding eggs of more than 100 mln ton, 2 billion and 80 mln pieces accordingly. It shows that it is possible to produce 80 thousand ton poultry meat and 1,3 billion eggs in poultry factories through industrial way given as in State Program on Food Safety.

  • 8-06-2015, 13:07 "Other machineries" Azərbaycan Dövlət Maşın Sınaq Stansiyası (keçmiş Zaqafqaziya Dövlət Maşın Sınaq Stansiyası) 1948-ci ildə keçmiş SSRİ Kənd Təsərrüfatı Nazirliyinin 26