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Brown Caucasian cattle is created by Sweden breed widely used in the breeding in the world. Cattle breed of Sweden origin is known as brown cattle, because it causes the formation of large quantities of cattle of different breeds and main color of this breed is brown.

Azerbaijan Scientific-Research Institute of Livestock played a decisive role in creating of brown Caucasian cattle. This cattle were regarded as improving breed in the highlands and lowlands according to plan. The breed was approved in 1960. It was created through interbreeding of local Caucasian cattle with Sweden cattle. Abdomen of Azerbaijan zebu was used for creation of breed.

Its color is brown, light and dark brown. Special features of Sweden cattle (narrow strip on the spine, white border around the mouth etc.) have been preserved in brown Caucasian cattle. Its head has average length; horns are dark gray with black tips. It is not high, spine and back is flat. Muscle is well developed.

Brown Caucasian cattle is cattle of dairy-meat type. But, some of them tend to be dairy type. Its body is proportional and bone and muscle is well developed. The average milk yield of brown Caucasian cattle is 2100-2600 kg in Azerbaijan. Internal resources of cattle cannot be found due to unsatisfactory conditions of feeding, keeping and care. Obtaining 3600-4000 kg milk from cows kept for wide milking proves it. Fat content of milk is 3,8-3,9%.

Live weight of cows given birth three times and more and mature bulls (bovines) is 400-470 kg and 700-800 kg accordingly. Individual bovines have 900 kg of live weight.

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