Parennial plants

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                                                                                Parennial plants


Parennial plants include fruits, vineyards, berries, tea plantations etc.

Fruit growing is one of the main fields of crop growing having particular importance in the nourishment of people. The nature of Azerbaijan is highly rich in various sorts, kinds and forms of wild berries and other plants. Major sorts and kinds of fruit-berry plants grow in wild form together with forest trees, as well as occupy wide areas in the forests of the country.


Currently, fruit growing is one of the specialized areas of agriculture in Azerbaijan and covers the groups of seedy fruits (apple, pear, quince, medlar, etc.), stone fruits (cherry, sour cherry, peach, apricot, plum, sloe, cornel, etc.) shelled fruits  (walnut, hazelnut, chestnut, pecan, almond, pistachio, etc.), subtropical fruits (persimmon, pomegranate, fig, unabi, olive, feyjoa, biwa, kiwi, etc.), citrus fruits ( lemon, mandarin, orange, grapefruit, etc.).


Certain parts of the country have been specialized for different fruit groups including Guba-Khachmaz for seedy fruits, Zagatala-Sheki for nuts (chestnut, walnut, hazelnut), Nakhchivan AR for stone fruits (apricot, peach), Kur-Araz, Ganja-Gazakh and Lower Shirvan for subtropical fruits (pomegranate, persimmon), Lenkaran-Astara for citrus fruits (mandarine, orange,feyjoa, lemon) and Absheron peninsula for southern subtropical fruits (fig, olive, pistachie, almond, etc). The biggest fruit-growing rayon in Azerbaijan is Guba. Out of the produced total fruits, 2/3 part is grown in and provided by Guba-Khachmaz, 15% by Sheki-Zagatala and Mountainous Shirvan economiz rayons. 95% of the produced nuts is concentrated in Sheki-Zagatala economic rayons.


Over the recent years, interest has raised in planting new orchards in Azerbaijan. At present, there are nearly 144.000 hectares orchards and berry gardens in the territory of Azerbaijan. Only in spring season of 2014, the area of orchards has increased 4.7% throughout the country. In particular, planting of citrus and subtropical fruit orchards is going more rapidly. Horticulturists expand lemon and pomegranate orchards more. According to recent calculations, the area of lemon orchards has been increased 5.7% in the country and pomegranate shrubs have been planted in 293,6 hectares area in Salyan, Goychay and surrounding rayons. Currently, total area of pomegranate gardens is about 21,000 hectares in the country. 3.2 % growth has been recorded in apple orchards, 6,7% in hazelnut orchards and 11.2% in peach orchards.


Azerbaijan tea is as good as the best quality teas of the world. Lenkaran zone takes the 90% of tea production among other economic rayons.  

The foundation of tea-growing industy in Azerbaijan has been laid with the formation of first tea-growing state farm in Lenkaran in 1932 and annual purveyance of tea-leaves has been reached to 33.000 tons in 1986.  At present, area of tea plants is 1009 hectares in Azerbaijan and state support measures are being taken for the growth of plantation areas.