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Necessary measures have been carried out for provision of sustainable development of agriculture and food security, timely and qualitative performance of agricultural services during production in order to increase production of agricultural products and productivity per hectare, renewal of the existing agricultural equipment park, as well as tractor park, supplying needs of product manufacturers for tractor and expanding the network of private agricultural services.

8431 tractors of various brands and 6822 tractors of “Belarus” brand from Ganja Automobile Plant were purchased by “Aqrolizinq” OJSC and given to product growers in 2005-2016. The number of tractors were 3424 in 2014-2016.

Recently, actions have been carried out for supply of tractors of various power used for agricultural works of product growers. Moreover, new tractors have been purchased and given to the commission for using in different spheres of agriculture, as well as cotton-growing, horticulture, viticulture, livestock etc. Works are continuing on purchasing of tractors of various brands and power with high technical parameters and giving to product growers.

7213 tractors of various brands were leased to individuals and companies with favorable leasing terms and the benefits of 40 percent of the initial value were applied in accordance with Rules approved by Resolution No. 273 dated 13 August 2014 by Council of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan on application of concession for equipment of newly purchased, leased and sold through leasing and majority of new tractors were purchased by individuals and companies with favorable leasing terms. It facilitated to expanding of the network of agricultural technical services and improving of provision of technical support for agricultural producers.

Necessary works have been implemented for provision of preparation of tractors per seasonal works, as well as using of newly purchased tractors in accordance with instructions in order to provide organized conduct of agricultural operations. For this purpose, trainings on operating rules of tractors were conducted by experts for operators, as well as operation guide of tractors was developed by state machine testing stations. Moreover, advisory leaflets on maintenance, regulations and repair were prepared. 

The main aim of preparing leaflets consist of and assisting entrepreneurs and operators for application of new techniques and innovative technologies, increasing the level of knowledge for provision of technical service to their tractors and repair work and teaching and improving of skills in this field.