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Other agriculture machineries

As a result of the attention and care of the Government it has been great dynamics in technical supply of the agricultural sector in recent years. Necessary works have been carried out for providing agricultural producers with modern agricultural equipment, improve their techniques for using equipment, support for expanding the network of agricultural technical services and reconstruction of the existing equipment park and the result of these measures was a new stage in the agricultural machinery park.

The various agricultural equipment of more than 27 thousand and more than 10500 in 2005-2016 and 2014-2016 accordingly were purchased and given to product growers by “Aqrolizinq” OJSC. Thanks to modern equipment, the renovation work was carried out in the agricultural equipment park of the country.

More than 21 various agricultural equipment have been leased out to individuals and legal entities by the Community during this period. The number of private institutions as individuals and legal entities providing agricultural services increased, technical support for agricultural producers improved and the network of agricultural technical services of the country expanded through leased equipment.

In accordance with Rules approved by Resolution No. 273 dated 13 August 2014 by Council of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the basis of Decree No. 152 of 16 April 2014 by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Measures on Improving Governance in the Agricultural Sector and Acceleration of Institutional Reforms”, applying the benefits of 40 percent of the initial value of agricultural equipment newly purchased, leased and sold through leasing has created a profound change in technical support of individuals and legal entities engaging in agriculture.

Necessary measures are taken for improving of cotton-growing, tobacco-growing and other traditional agricultural areas in the Ministry of Agriculture at the same time. Among these measures, technical support for cotton has one of the most important place. In order to mechanize main technological operations of cotton cultivation given the demand for cotton-growing businesses, the appropriate equipment, as well as cotton harvesters having high technical parameters John Deere 9970, John Deere CP-690, Case Cotton Express-420,  XMP-1,8) were brought to the country by “Agroleasing” OJSC and given to farmer holdings and entrepreneurs engaging in cotton-growing.

Given that equipment of various types and models is currently, used in the country, trainings were conducted by experts for operators, as well as operation guide on agricultural equipment was developed by state machine testing stations for equipment users. Moreover, operation guide of cotton harvesters and advisory leaflets on maintenance and regulations and other technical issues were prepared. 

The main aim of preparing recommendations consist of providing technical service to agricultural equipment of product-growers, farmers and operators, increasing the level of knowledge in the field of repair work, teaching and improving of skills for provision of technical service to current equipment and assisting in application of new techniques and innovative technologies.

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