Water and Melioration

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Water and Melioration


However, natural and climatic conditions of the country allow the cultivation of agricultural crops to be planted over the year, only 52.4 per cent of land reserve is suitable for agriculture. Most of the arid zone is within the lack of moisture so, agricultural production is impossible without the use of the irrigation. Water resources of Azerbaijan is quite limited. 70 per cent of surface water resources is outside the country, but 30 percent is formed in the territory of the country. Reduction of surface water resources during draught, coming across of main water flow of internal rivers in the spring, flowing of flood water into sea without full use as a result of deregulation of flow makes it difficult to provide irrigation water in sown areas. Efficient use of available land and water resources has important place for increasing of agricultural products.

It should be noted that along with agro-technical requirements, timely and proper execution of vegetation irrigation of agricultural plants has importance for agricultural production of high quality, because irrigated lands are located in plain-arid-zone characterized by hot climate, less rain (200-300 mm) and complexity of the climate and soil conditions. First of all, the timely implementation of irrigation depends on good condition of waterworks.

The development of the agricultural sector as a whole is based on agriculture and irrigation in Azerbaijan. All of cotton plant and 85-90 per cent of plant products are grown in irrigated lands. Provision of stable and high-yield agricultural crops can be obtained through the efficient use of all resources, the maintenance of normal levels of land reclamation, managing of irrigation in correct, accurate and operative way from agricultural and technical point of view, along with ensuring economic efficiency of irrigation planting.

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