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Grain combin


Expanding of using of modern equipment in grain-growing sphere of the country and acceleration of renewal of current old grain-combine park has been taken as priority issue and positive progress has been made as a result of  President`s attention and care to this sphere. In particular, purchasing of new modern grain combine have been accelerated.

1869 grain-combines of various brands were purchased and given to product growers by “Aqrolizinq” OJSC in 2005-2016. In only 2013-2016, 834 new grain-combines of modern type were purchased from developed European countries.

787 combines were leased to individuals and companies with favorable leasing terms and the benefits of 40 percent of the initial value were applied in accordance with Rules approved by Resolution No. 273 dated 13 August 2014 by Council of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan on application of concession for equipment of newly purchased, leased and sold through leasing.

There has been serious progress in improvement of supply of product growers with combines, combine-park of the country has been renewed partially and proportion of new combines has increased in the parks as the result of recent measures.

Currently, combines with technical parameters of high standards and complex structures which is production of “Claas” (Germany), “Sampo Rosenlew” (Finland), “New Holland” (Belgium) and other well-known companies of the world are used in agriculture sphere of the country.

It is very important to use combines of multifunctional and complex junctions according to technical operating instructions. For this purpose, trainings were conducted by experts on application of newly purchased equipment for operators in training center of Yevlakh Regional Office of “Aqrolizinq” OJSC and training center of “Claas” company in Agstapha rayon and participants of training have been given a certificate. Operation guide on newly purchased combine, advisory leaflets on maintenance and other issues were developed by state machine testing stations for equipment users.

Methodical recommendations include operation guide, information on maintenance, regulation ways, repair and restoration.

The main aim of preparing recommendations consist of providing technical service to agricultural equipment of product-growers, farmers and operators, increasing the level of knowledge in the field of repair work, teaching and improving of skills for provision of technical service to current equipment and assisting in application of new techniques and innovative technologies.