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Apiculture. Apiculture has important place in the economics of the country. This field develops from year to year. The number of bee families increased to 243 thousand compared to previous years. Lately, some actions have been carried out for development of this important and profitable sphere. It is supposed that the number of bee families will increase to 310 thousand in the country till 2020.

Along with increasing the quantity of bee families, increasing of productivity, improving of breeding-selection works, packaging and labeling of produced honey in centralized way should be carried out. If we take into account that 61 percent of nectar plants of Southern Caucasian belongs to Azerbaijan we see that our country has big potential opportunities and perspectives for the development of this sphere. Exhibition fairs for apiculture products are carried out every year and it enables to improving of the economic conditions of beekeepers.

453 beekeeper participated in Apiculture Fair in Baku in November, 2015 and approximately 200 ton apiculture products were sold in that fair. It is considered to take appropriate actions for improving of breed of current bee populations named “Gabagtapa” and Gonagkand” and bee species named “Boz Kafkaz”, “Sarı Kafkaz”.

Bee gene-pools will start operation and carry out breeding-selection works within the project financed by FAO in the country from 2016.