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Training on Food Security was held in Agro Procurement and Supply OJSC  

Training on food safety for team of the Logistics and Warehousing Department was held in Agro Procurement and Supply OJSC (APS), under the Ministry of Agriculture. The main purpose of the training was to inform the team about the modern methods of food safety management systems and warehousing and logistics.

During the training provided by Ismet Hamidov, an occupational health and safety engineer, the participants got acquainted with ISO 22000. Note that, ISO 22000 is an analysis system that enables management of food security and sets out common principles and methods to be followed. By applying these principles and methods, each company can create and implement a system that is specific to its work practices, conditions and production methods. The ISO 22000 system is essential for all businesses related food in Europe, the US and some Asian countries. Any food producer who wants to enter the markets of these countries must have this system.

During the training it was stated that the quality, acceptance, storage and transportation of food products must meet the mandatory requirements for human life safety.

The main activity of Agro Procurement and Supply OJSC is to purchase, store and supply agricultural and food products from local food producers at the expense of state funds and to supply private enterprises and public organizations with these products. Proper organization and maintenance of warehousing, logistics and food safety is a priority for the APS. These trainings are expected to be regularly held to further improve the quality of services provided and ensure sustainability of the country's citizens obtaining safe food.