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Implementation of joint project were discussed between Azerbaijan and South Korea

Korean Regional Development Institute and the Cooperative Development Institute met with representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as organizations operating under the Ministry of Agriculture Agro Procurement and Supply OJSC, Agro Research Center and Agro Credit and Development Agency at the invitation of the KOICA Azerbaijan Office. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the results of the Korean delegation's visit to our country on 5-23 August.

During this visit, which laid the foundation of a long-term cooperation between the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan and KOICA, the Korean delegation conducted an analysis of the agro sector and the current market situation in Azerbaijan, and discussed future cooperation in the agro sector. Korean experts shared their observations and findings with their Azerbaijani counterparts during the meeting.

The importance of further expanding cooperation between our countries in the field of agriculture was noted at the meeting. According to the preliminary agreement, a long-term and joint project will begin in 2021. It is planned to create and develop cooperatives of farmers who grow rice within the framework of the project, which will contribute to the development of rice growing in the country.

Note that, during their stay in the country, Korean specialists visited the southern region, visited  Lankaran grass fields and got acquainted with the process of rice cultivation and production. 

Cooperation with Korea, which has a long experience in rice production, will open new opportunities for the development of this sector in our country. Also using Korean experience in creating and developing farmers' cooperatives will accelerate efforts to improve the social welfare of people living in the regions.