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The next honey fair will be held in Baku - registration has started

The 20th Exhibition and Sale Fair of beekeeping products will be organized by "Agro Procurement and Supply" OJSC under the Ministry of Agriculture jointly with Beekeepers Association of Azerbaijan between 28th September to 18th October. In the fair located at Fatali Khan Khoyski Avenue 10 in Narimanov district (the territory of the Tofig Bahramov Stadium), the quality of beekeeping products will be scrutinized by the Azerbaijan Food Safety Agency.

Honey producers must register in advance to participate in the fair. For the first time, the registration process will be made online through www.bal.kendden.az. Beekeepers will be able to log in to the site by providing their personal information and information about their farms. The registration time is September 6-11. On 12th September, registered beekeepers will receive sms-notifications and be informed when they should bring their products. The number of participants in the fair will be determined on a priority basis, not exceeding 40 people from each region. Each beekeeper must have at least 20 bee families to confirm their participation in the fair. A beekeeper can bring a maximum of 400 kg honey, and per family 30 bee frame.

The reception of honey samples will take place on September 13-24 at the warehouse of "Agro Procurement and Supply" OJSC located at 57 Khojahasan Road (Meyveli Market). The participation fee is 150 AZN. The provision of space and equipment for sale, fair advertising, logistics and warehousing, and other services are included in price.

In the warehouse, the specialists of the Azerbaijan Food Safety Agency (AFSA) will take samples with the participation of the farmer for quality control. The results of the samples taken for analysis will be reported to the citizen no later than 3 days and only products that meet the food safety standards will be allowed to be sold. Samples that are not convenient for selling, will not be allowed to be sold until the last day of the fair and these products will be stored at the warehouse of Agro Procurement and Supply OJSC.