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Farmers' products are demonstrated at the National  Meadow Festival

"The National Festival of Meadow" has started in the territory of Ganja-Gazakh region. The main purpose of the festival is to promote the traditions of the pastoral and nomadic tribe traditions, organized by the Gadabay District Executive Authority, the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) and the Javad Khan Historical and Cultural Foundation. The festival is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Culture, the State Tourism Agency, the Small and Medium Business Development Agency and other government agencies. The festive event, held in the Duzyurd-Miskinli pasture, located in Gadabay region, will last 3 days, until July 28.

Note that, "Agro Procurement and Supply" OJSC also participates in the festival. Also, three different stands of Agro Trade Company, caretaker, loose and promo stand were established in support of farmers at the festival. Starting from the first day of the festival, Agro Action Women's Women (AFAQ), From Village to City  and From City to Village projects are being demonstrated to support the local farmers and stimulate the agricultural sector. Festival participants, especially agricultural and food producers, provide detailed information about projects.  In addition, various stalls, dried fruit, honey products packed under the brand name "From Village to City" (rice, pea, tea) and various agricultural products are exhibited at the stands established on the festival.  At the festival, the degustation of Zakatala tea, which is packed under the brand "From Village to City", is also being realized.