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Training on receiving, storing and transporting food products was held

Employees of the Department of Logistics and Warehouse of the Agro Procurement and Supply OJSC under the Ministry of Agriculture were trained on receipt, storage and transportation of food products. The main purpose of the training was to improve the service level of the company and to familiarize employees with the latest technological innovations in logistics and warehouse.

The participants were informed about the quantitative and qualitative receipt, storage, loading, transportation and unloading of food products entering the warehouse. Participants were informed about the basic requirements and principles of cargo transportation. It was stated that the main principles are to ensure that products are transported in vehicles according to mandatory human safety requirements and packages are safe during loading, handling and unloading.

Orkhan Gasimov, Director of Logistics and Warehouse Department at Agro Procurement and Supply OJSC, stated that such trainings will be organized on a regular basis to improve service level.

“For efficient organization of work in all warehouses of the company, first and foremost, quantitative and qualitative indicators of food products must be kept under control. There are products that require special storage conditions among our agricultural and food products, and their storage facilities must meet modern requirements. In this case, warehouseman plays an important role. The main purpose of the training is to increase the knowledge and skills of logistics and warehouse staff in general. ”

Note that "Agro Procurement and Supply" OJSC cooperates with local agricultural and food producers according to the regulation and the Strategic Roadmap. Thus, one of the main activities of the company is to procure agricultural and food products from local producers, to maintain and supply them according to the terms of the agreement with individuals and legal entities.